In today’s business environment, the presence of electronically stored information (ESI) is constantly growing.  Elite has the resources and technology available to assist you with your ESI conversion needs.  We utilize scalable software that allows us to grow with the continuing trends of today’s digital world.  Whether you need native files converted to PDF’s for simple viewing or TIFF’s to load into a database, our software allows us to convert hundreds of file types to meet your specific requirements.  As a boutique provider of eDiscovery services, we provide the following to our clients:

Free Consultation, Retrieval, & Analysis

  • We come to you and discuss your project scope and provide expert advice.
  • Retrieval of the preserved data via our secure FTP, CD, DVD, Hard Drive or other Media
  • Load client data into Elite processing software
  • Create & provide reports showing snapshot of data
  • Provide FREE estimate for processing

Data Culling

Extracted metadata gives you the power to cull the data set:

  • Filtering: Filter by custodian, date rangers, key words, file-type, To, From, etc.
  • De-Duplication: Eliminate duplicate files, emails, attachments, etc.
  • De-NIST: Removing system files, executable system files & non-user created data

Data Processing

  • TIFF conversion or Native File Processing
  • Branding:  We can electronically brand an entire set of records per your specific needs
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR):  Our robust OCR software will render text from documents where text is not extracted (PDFs, TIFFs)
  • Spreadsheet Formatting:  Manually formatting native spreadsheets to viewable images for review


Data Output Formats

  • Native:  provide files natively with metadata, text files and load files per specifications
  • TIFFs:  provide files in image format with metadata, text and load files per specifications
  • PDFs:  provide PDFs
    • Searchable PDFs (with OCR text)
    • Non-Searchable PDFs (image only)

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